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French Drains

French Drains are a proven effect way of redirecting most water away from building foundations, pathways, and other flood prone critical areas. The ditch is specially graded and lined with a protective fabric, set with a perforated pipe and then filled with one of various kinds of gravel. The fabric is specially laid and in such a way that keeps the French Drain as clean as possible keeping out moderate to heavy debris.

Catch Basins

Catch Basins are an important part of a drainage system, their purpose is to allow clean-out access points to remove debris and other sediment that slowly builds up over time, an important part to keeping any drainage system healthy. The intake and exit pipes are elevated from the bottom of the Catch Basin allowing the catch basin collect sediment and other fine debris. Our drainage systems are configured, designed and installed to maximize the drainage systems effectiveness and allow easy maintenance.

Sump Pumps

Sump Pumps are part of an electrically powered drainage system designed to move water away from areas where natural drainage is not a option. Sump pumps are commonly found underneath homes where standing water is a problem. Sump pumps are an effective way at redirecting and removing water away from the foundation of a structure in a low elevation thus protecting the home from dry-rot and other problems protecting the equity and value of your home.

Channel Drains

Channel Drains are commonly installed in pool decks, patios, outside garages and other areas to prevent water from entering or exiting a certain area. Once placed in the desired location, they are then connected into a new or existing drainage system thus keeping areas from flooding.

Storm Drains

Storm Drains vary in size and design between residential and commercial drainage systems. A storm drains purpose is to drain heavy rainfall, flooding, and places that experience regular storms.

Masonry, Concrete & Cleaning

Retaining Walls

Retaining Walls are built to hold back soil or rock from a hill, structure, or area. They are generally made of cinder block, stone, concrete or brick. A Retaining Wall’s purpose is to prevent down-slope movement, erosion and landslides in driveways, walkways, near structures, etc…

Brick Work

Check out our portfolio, we do custom brick work as patios, steps,brick planter boxes and more.


Dias & Sons Construction offers a wide array of concrete services: stamped patios, concrete steps / outdoor stairs, pathways, driveways, asphalt and more. Underlying any concrete job is a good foundation, quality materials, and experience which is why we lay and compact gravel and/or sand and set rebar and mesh to strengthen the work according to the size of the area. Once the concrete is poured and set we diligently apply the finishing touches so it drys just so.

Excavating & Backhoe Service

» Portfolio «


We offer a wide variety of Backhoe and Excavation services, feel free to ask us about your project needs. For drainage projects for our commercial customers such as wineries we excavate V-Ditches, one of many ways in which we protect your castle and business from invading water.